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We see businesses as organic vehicles of value creation, and we believe that small businesses can create the change we need, and that’s why we’re passionate about them.

From business strategy to marketing, to human capital development and content creation, we’ll work with you to get your business to the next level.


It's not enough to do better.
We must build better things.

At The Favour Phronesis ,We build the businesses of  the future.

Content Creation

Stories sell, and that’s one thing your brand needs. 

Whatever you do, you need a powerful narrative to capture the heart of your audience and transform them into customers, and even fans of your brand. 

One of our superpowers is telling stories, and in the past one year, we’ve helped over 100 different individuals and companies refine their content marketing strategy.

Let’s tell the world your story.


Human Capital Development

An organization is only as strong as it’s people. 

For your organization to be world class, your team needs to be just that, world-class. 

We can help you transform your struggling team into a highly efficient, goal-getting machine that will keep your brand leading in the years ahead.


Digital Marketing

Marketing and Sales are the livewire of any business. For many people, however, digital marketing is a jungle that can’t be navigated. 

We can help you get your business in front of those that need to see it. 

From SEO, to Social Media and everything in between, we’re the strategists that your business needs to stay afloat

Business Development

We live and breathe business, it’s our obsession and passion. 

Our days are spent trying to build better businesses, and our nights dreaming about how to help you make yours better. 

Whatever you need help with, whether its Value Proposition, Finding your WHY, Building an MVP, or attracting investors, We’re here for you.


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